Ceremony options 

Many couples are always looking for fresh and new ideas that may not be normally considered tradional for a wedding ceremony. Two Hearts As One Weddings offers several different options for couples to choose from when planning their ceremonies. We are happy to share with you some new traditons to mix with some of the old to make your ceremony distictive, yet personal for your message to be shared with your family and friends.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The unity candlelighting ceremony is one of the oldest wedding traditions that is still used today because it is non-denominational, yet symbolizing the unity of two separate individuals in the partnership of marriage. In this tradition, the two small candles held by the couple are lit and come together to light one bigger candle. The candles represent love, marriage and commitment to each other along with God, that a threefold cord shall never be broken.

Blending of Sand Ceremony

Unity Wine Ceremony

The unity wine ceremony is the third installment of unity ceremonies. One carafe contains red wine which symbolizes the deep richness of love the couple has in their hearts for each other and the robust energy which keeps their loving relationship going. The other carafe contains white wine, when fermented in oak barrels it represnts the strength of a loving marriage and the lingering taste in their soul for the love they feel for each other. They then combine the two wines in a glass, creating a rose', which symbolizes the blending together of a commited relationship in marriage.

Photo courtesy of Alter Ego Photogaphy Leslie Spurlock

Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony

This is probably the most romantic of the traditions that have become very popular to the newly married couples. Memories of love are cherished and celebrated with the love letter and wine box ceremony. The newlywed couple can write their vows or a love letter to each other and securely lock them in a box with their favorite bottle of wine. On their one year anniversary they can celebrate their love by reading their vows or love letter to each other then follow it up with a toast to a long happy marriage with their bottle of wine.

Of the three unity ceremonies, the sand cermony leaves a lasting impression and a constant reminder to the newlyweds as they join their individual lives together by pouring separate bottles of sand into a third container, then the individual containers of sand no longer exist and are now one. Just as the grains of sand shall never be separated, so shall their marriage be.

Ring Warming Ceremony

The ring warming ceremony is a time honored Irish wedding tradition. Many couples are opting to combining honored traditions with modern love stories with beautiful and meaningful results. Prior to the actual wedding cermony, guests are invited to participate in this unique ceremony by taking the soon to be newlyweds wedding rings into their hands and make a wish or say a prayer or blessing over the rings for their marriage and for many years ahead.

Photo courtesy of Michael Moss Photography